Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Rokus van Blokland and Corry van Blokland Mobach worked together for over 60 years.
During the study at the academy in 1950, Rokus started designing for the Sio toy factory. Already at that time Corry worked along with projects. She graduated with toy designs, including a stand for Sio toys.

Sio (founded in 1938) manufactured all sorts of wooden toys. After the war it grew steadily and invested in innovative techniques for producing toys and colouring wood. The designers were consulted about the direction. They offered new challenges and opportunities for the designers.

During decades Rokus and Corry made their designs. They not only designed toys and games but also the packaging, catalogues, logos, signage in the factory in Vroomshoop and at the office in Amsterdam. In addition Rokus and Corry designed the tradeshow exhibitions at the annual Toy Fair in Nuremberg and the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

2001 Rokus and Corry at their exhibition Designing and Collecting Toys in Museum Gouda

Photo: A.G.P van der Aa


Train with passengers


Sio Primo, puzzle


Multiplex garage with elevator

Over the years the partnership developed in a close and tight cooperation that often is not possible to indicate who did what. Rokus specialized in industrial design while generally speaking Corry made illustrations and the graphic design. Their collaboration led to a wide range of two- and three dimensional designs.

Other clients
The designer duo worked for clients in different industries too. Hasco Lakfabrieken in Schoonhoven, Gouda Vuurvast, Flamco and contractors Nederhorst in Gouda, Bitumarin in Zaltbommel and Mourik Groot-Ammers.


Model of tradeshow exhibition for the Toy Fair Nuremberg


Hasco K3 wallpaint specimen


Winning design of the 'Golden Nut' in 1958, awarded by het Nederlands Verpakkingscentrum.


Magazine cover 'In de hoekspiegel' for Nederhorst Gouda


Nederhorst Review

Corry and Rokus designed for Mourik, such as the logo, tradeshows, brochures and company newsletters. Corry made illustrations for a range of applications and products; a peppermint box, designs for the open days and the 75th anniversary of Mourik in 2005.

In addition Rokus and Corry made pro-bono designs for all kind of associations, institutions and charities.
For instance, for over 40 years they did design work for the NTKC, the Dutch Touring Camping Club. This club with about 10,000 members celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012.

Rokus and Corry made the layout for the monthly magazine 'Buitenspoor'. They designed for the club over the years the stationery, logos, access signs of the club camping sites, maps, pennants, leaflets and promotion material.

In 2010 Corry and Rokus were awarded as honorary member of the club.


Buitenspoor, magazine of NTKC


Buitenspoor, magazine of NTKC


40 years design of pennants for club campingsites NTKC

Piet Mobach (1938-1987) studied photography and graphic design at the Royal Academy in The Hague. After his exams he started working with Rokus and Corry. Piet, Corry's brother, was a photographer, it was his passion, his life. As photographer and designer he was involved in many projects for various clients.

The atelier in the Nansenstraat had an open space which made it possible to have large lamps, flash and cameras. Here Piet made photos of the newest toy models as well of many products for other clients.

In 1969 Piet won the European Kodak Photography Prize.

1973 Piet Mobach

The work of Rokus and Corry has been showed in various exhibitions. It was however always only a small part of the many designs they made.
This website aims to provide a more complete picture of their work. The site can be read as a digital book or be visited as a digital exhibition. It thus makes the world of Corry and Rokus accessible for a larger audience.

At the 'Sio Montage' and 'Toy Design' pages a collection knob leads to an overview page with respectively more designs and documentation.

The website was created by Ron van Blokland in close cooperation with Corry and Rokus. The site is programmed by Bart van Blokland. (see Colophon)

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