Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach
1972 Crane
1973 Dragline
1973 Crane with 'spielgut' quality mark

Spielgut, founded in 1954 is an independent German organization that assigns to toys that meet strict requirements. Professionals from various disciplines such as medicine, psychology, education, art and architecture approve the toys on a number of criteria which include design, materials, colours, pedagogical principles and safety.

During the years the spielgut quality mark has been awarded to many designs made by Rokus and Corry.

1973 Cranes

1973 Industrial mass production of the crane

1973 Block cars with puppets
1973 Universal boxes block cars

Boxes with red print to be used for the serie of block cars. The sticker shows the specific model.

1973 Drawing box
1973 Production figure

The design of the dolls must take in count the technical possibilities of the production and later on the dyeing as well.

1973 Erik plays with crane and car

1973 Crane cars with blocks and puppets

The cars are in two versions; blanc and coloured