Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Sio stands
De Sio stands are designed by Rokus van Blokland. He designed stands for expositions in the Netherlands and for the annual Toy Fair in Nuremburg. The first dates from 1959 when the Toy Fair was still in the centre of Nuremberg at the Wieselerhaus.
During the 60s the Toy Fair expanded and was situated at the new and large Messe area in Nuremberg.

1965 Maquette stand Vredenburg, Utrecht
1967 Stand Wieselerhaus, Nuremberg
1967 Corry in Sio stand Wieselerhaus, Nuremberg
1972 Maquette Sio stand Nuremberg

1972 Maquette Sio stand Nuremberg
The stand of 1972 had to accommodate three names/companies which cooperated with Sio at that time; Simplex toys, Sio holland and Buddy L.
The design gave all three a private entrance, meeting room and cloakroom. In addition there was a joint bar.

The stand was build on a grid of 80 cm. Using construction system 'Abstracta' the walls were built with display shelves and tables in the background coloured textile walls and enlarged drawings made by Corry.

1972 Sio stand furnished. Corry behind the bar.

1972 Sio stand furnished
1972 Sio stand Toy Fair Nuremberg

Drawings by Corry at the different groups of products.

1972 Showcase at the Sio stand Toy Fair Nuremberg

In the showcase are the new designs, the 'Neuheiten' of that year.

For years Rokus and Corry travel around february to Nuremberg to the annual International Toy Fair. The fair closes every time a busy period in which the new designs are made for the coming year. Every visit the city and the exhibition are great sources of inspiration for Rokus and Corry.

1985 Rokus in Nuremberg

1981 Corry in Sio stand Brussels, Belgium
1981 Maquette stand Jaarbeurs Utrecht

1981 Sio stand Jaarbeurs Utrecht
In the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the stands of manufacturers were arranged together by the sort of product. Here buyers/retailers could see the products throughout the year and order them.

Sio had a large stand over the entire length of a hallway. The stand was therefore long and narrow. Rokus made a design similar to the Nuremberg stand in 1972, also with a building system in a grid of 1 meter. Aside to the exhibited products background planes were placed in spectral colours, interspersed with large drawings of Corry and large photos of toys and playing children.

1981 Sio stand Jaarbeurs Utrecht
1981 Sio stand Jaarbeurs Utrecht
1981 Rokus in Sio stand Jaarbeurs Utrecht