Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

In the 60s the agricultural sector developed as did the toy tractors and farm related all kind of toy machines which appeared in the shops.
Everywhere children encounter animals, in books or at a petting Zoo. Sets of farm animals as cows, horses, sheep etc are in the shops as well.

The first series toy farms Rokus and Corry date from 1967-68. They were designs made for V&D. Within a few years the collection grew and was produced in large numbers for the inner market as well as the export.

At this page a selection is shown of the designs made by Rokus and Corry.

1968 Sio Farm
1971 Large Illustration used in Sio stand at the Toy Fair Nuremberg
1972 Farms

Models, with a real haystack.

1974 Foldable farm

The animals move along to the next playground.

1972 Universal boxes for farms

Boxes with sticker of the farm inside in the Sio Distribution centre Nijkerk.

1972 Farm with stables
1975 Farm with detailed roof and background