Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach
1978 Sio Garage

Multiplex garage whose components slide in together and are fixed with only a few nails.
This design was honoured at the 'Toy of the Year' awards in 1978.

1978 Sio garage

For tough use with larger cars
Photo: Piet Mobach

1978 Sio garage

Extended garage with extra entrance.

1978 Sio garage
1994 Garage 050

Garage for big cars of small children.
First garage design in a serie of five, produced by Toy Factory van Bueren in Oss, Nederland.

1996 Garage 100

Garage with floor, exit and a door that can be closed with toggles. Nominated 'Toy of the Year' in 1996.

2000 Garage 110

Garage with floor, exit and elevator, produced by Toy Factory van Bueren in Oss, Nederland.
The roof and floor were fabricated with a computer-controlled frais. During the assemblage the sides slid into grooves of the round verticals which are fixed with the blue balls on the roof.

2000 Detail drawing garage 110

The design made optimal use of the size of industrial plywood.

2000 Technical Drawing Dollhouse 201

The vertical elements, the walls and floors slid in each other, and were fixed with the red spheres on the roof.

2000 Dollhouse 201

Dollhouse design with stairs and coloured elements. Produced by Toy Factory van Bueren in Oss, Nederland.

1978 Production Sio

Large piles of plywood are ready to be cut. The components of the garage fitted exactly in one plate.

1996 Production Garages at van Bueren

Automated cutter at the van Bueren factory. The tool makes it possible to join sunk vertical elements during the final assembly.

1955 Childrens chair

Chair with nesting elements. White verticals, yellow back and red or blue seat.