Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

First Construction sets
In 1956 Rokus designs the main elements of which later will become Sio Montage. The slats get holes in a pattern of 12,5 - 25 - 12,5 mm.
The prototype has uncolored slats and black bakelelite bolts.

In the period the first Montage originates, Rokus designs a number of other construction sets with parts in it which appear later in the Sio Montage sets.

1954 4 × 1

Construction set design for V&D with wooden bolts.

1956 Prototype Sio Montage

The first Montage had bakelite bolts and wooden nuts.

1956 Label for Lucky Life construction set

Design made for Hema. Construction set with slats, wheels and -still- bakelite nuts. The slats have 3 holes. This box is, except for the name, the first of the later Sio Montage serie of construction sets.

1958 Spitfire

Box with models of two airplanes. The first model is of a Spitfire, shown with instructions. The aircraft was assembled with black bakelite bolts. The second model is a Fokker biplane.
Size: 38,5 × 39 × 16,5 cm, 1,6 kg

1957 Car-build

Design made for Hema. Construction set for the building of cars, trucks or crane-truck. The elements are hold together with wired sticks and bolts. The print on the bottom of the box makes it a 'toolbox'.

1958 Mobilo

Buildingset with coloured blocks, wired sticks and bolts, for building cars, trucks or trains. The print on the bottom of the box makes it a 'toolbox'.

1958 Label Mobilo

Already in those years the Hema initiated to develop new products. Regularly designs made for the Hema were taken in the Sio collection in the next year.

2013 Rokus with Mobilo construction sets
1957 Prototype Mobilo

Box with handmade parts.

1959 Label Techniko 1

Large buildings can be made with wirde sticks, coloured blocks and bolts. Technico was a serie of 4 construction sets in various sizes.
Size: 30 × 21 × 3,2 cm

1953 Techniko 3

Third box in a serie of 4, with extra parts such as gear wheels. The print on the bottom of the box makes it a toolbox.
Size: 41 × 29 × 3,2 cm

Techniko connecting blocks
Techniko models
1959 Trucky

Building set to make different cars. A gear wheel makes a rattling noise when the car moves. Trucky contained Sio Montage parts such as coloured slats and bolts.
Size: 48,5 × 30,5 × 6,5 cm

1967 Construction truck

Car parts assembled with Sio Montage bolts.
Size: 30 × 13 × 18 cm

1967 Construction truck

Truck with folder and spare parts.
Size: 31 × 13 × 13 cm

1968 Construction crane with blinker

Size: 25 × 15 × 19 cm

1966 Construction crane with blinker

Truck Cabins painted at the Sio Factory.