Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Mosaics were among the 'core collection' of Sio. They are produced throughout the existence of the factory. The forms were dyed with the Sioliet technique in bright transparent colours.

During the colouring large and small wooden parts from different products rotated in large drums along with paint. The smaller parts are necessary to colour the larger. After the Sioliet colouring the parts were sorted back into the baskets for further processing.

1952 Triangle mosaic

Mosaic with only triangular pieces. Taken in production in 1953 by Sio. There were made tenthousends of this mosaic during the years.

1966 Design Mosaicbox

Handpainted colourdesign.

1978 Baskets with Sioliet coloured forms
1978 Sioliet coloured Mosaic forms
1966 Serie Mosaic boxes
1966 Label Mosaic

The red edges become the sides of the cover.

1977 Design Triangle Mosaic

Colour design for triangle mosaic whose pieces are unequal of thickness.
Design made for Marks and Spencer.

1977 Technical drawing Triangle Mosaic
1980 Mosaics in new boxes

Photo from Catalogue

1980 Rokus with mosaic

1980 Design Bird Mosaic

Design colourscheme for Marks and Spencer

1980 Design Bird Mosaic