Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Pyramids have always been part of the Sio collection. During the years Rokus and Corry made several designs.

The central axis of the pyramid makes it possible to make different combinations with the stacked forms. A logical sequence is by size; large at the bottom to small at the top. The colours often work along with it. Thus creates a classical pyramid.
The 'Siolieten' colouring technique paints the wooden parts of the pyramids with bright transparant colours.

The pyramid can be a figure with a fixed order, as August. Changing the order of the elements creates new dolls with funny shapes and colours as in the series of buildingsets in 1957.

1950 Word building

A first design is 'word building'. Words can be formed with letters on cubes. The golden letters and small drawings were manually pressed with a special machine on the four sides of all the blocks.

1957 August

Design drawing of pyramid clown.

1957 Production August at the factory in Vroomshoop
1957 Design drawings pyramiddolls

1957 Design pyramiddolls
1957 Label for largest pyramid set

A strip of examples was printed along with the label.

1957 Label box pyramiddolls

1960 Rattle

1960 Teether

Concentric wooden rings

1968 Pyramid

Pyramid with coloured forms. One of the design made by Rokus and Corry which received the 'spielgut' award for quality.

1971 Pyramid with colour spectrum I

1971 Pyramid with colour spectrum II

1975 Pyramid boy and girl

1977 Pyramid clown with box

1977 Design drawings Pyramid
1977 Design Pyramid dog

Design in a serie for Marks and Spencer.

1980 Pyramid dog on wheels

Pyramide dog on wheels, with hole for a pull cord.