Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Sio mobilo and Sio Doubles
With beech wood forms stacking, balancing or driving. Sio mobilo consists of thick white beech slats of 3, 5 or 7 holes. Further, wooden cylinders from small to large cubes with a hole and wheels. Coloured dolls in six basic colours can participate in the game.

The parts are coated with a thin protective layer so that beech remains natural and does not become dirty. An odd number of holes in the slats is that buildings can stay in balance.

There were 4 different boxes with an increasing amount of parts and thus increasing opportunities to build and experiment. Sio Mobilo also came in specially designed crates to be used in primary schools, kindergarten and creches.

1978 Sio mobilo

Largest box in a serie of 4.

Building with Sio mobilo

Photo: Piet Mobach

1978 Sio mobilo folder
1978 Sio Mobilo crate

Sio Mobilo crate designed to be used in primary schools, kindergarten and creches.

Sio mobilo parts

Slats with odd number of holes, cylinders with blocks, wheels and coloured figures.

1982 Show case with Sio mobilo

Exhibition to celebrate 300 years anniversary of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

1978 Sio mobilo

Drawing made by Corry, signed with CVBM.

1978 Atelier

Corry and Rokus at work in the atelier.

1978 Rokus
1979 Sio Doubles car

The 'Doubles' series is based on Sio mobilo. New elements make ​​it possible to build cars, boats or a crane.

1979 Sio Doubles Tow Truck
1979 Crane

Doubles with bead on the crane hoist to lift with.

1979 Sio Doubles Firebrigade
1979 Sio Doubles Tractor
1979 Sio Doubles Boat

Boat with passengers

1979 Sio Doubles Bus

Bus with passengers