Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

The first wooden puzzles with drawings made by Corry date back to the 50s.
In 1977 a new series of puzzles, Sio Primo is designed by Rokus and Corry. The puzzle pieces are skewed cut so that the pieces are interchangeable.
A baby can either laugh or be asleep.

1978 Sio Primo puzzle

1978 Sio Primo puzzle


1978 Sio Primo puzzles


1978 First drawings Sio Primo

Along with the first sketches names are invented for the new series of puzzles.

1978 Label Sio Primo

Fold label, the red edges become the sides of the lid.

Wooden Roller Puzzles
The roller puzzle is designed by Rokus and Corry in 1979. Puzzle pieces can be put on wheels with notches which suddenly give new dimensions of play. The puzzles are designed and produced for Simplex, the puzzle manufacturer which had tight connection to Sio.

The puzzles have drawings of traffic with trains, cars, traffic signs and farms with animals and equipment.
The puzzles are an immediate success and have been produced in large numbers.

At the annual press day of the Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs in Utrecht in 1980, the Roller Puzzle was awarded by representatives of the national and international press.

1980 Roller Puzzles

Roller puzzles with traffic, cars, farm and animals. The puzzleparts drive on wooden wheels.

1979 Design Farm Roller Puzzle

Small detail
Many designs made by Rokus and Corry have been copied during the years. After the presentation of a design, the next year the copies appeared in stands from countries like the DDR, Greece or Taiwan.

This happened with the roller puzzle. Copies of the puzzles appeared already in the first Toy Fair in Nuremberg the year after the introduction.

Corry hid her initials CVBM in her designs. The puzzle with the farm and tractor was copied with letters and all, including the CVBM on the hood of the tractor.

1979 Detail drawing Corry with CVBM

1980 Roller Puzzle Traffic

1980 Drawing Roller Puzzle made for backside of box
1980 Design Mosaic 'Koppie Koppie'
1980 Mosaic 'Koppie Koppie'

Triangular mosaic with heads and hats.

1983 Design Circus Puzzle
1980 Colourdesign Circus Puzzle

The borders of the puzzle become the decor of the circus.

1983 Drawing Puzzle Circus

The pieces can balance and do acrobatic tricks.

1983 Circus Puzzle

Presentation of the Circus Puzzle at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

1983 Colour Design Puzzle City
1983 Design Puzzle City

The groundplate becomes part of play.