Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Rokus van Blokland and Corry van Blokland-Mobach have a long tradition of working together: as partners and as designers. It has created a multitude of work. Part of this work, their toy designs, was regularly shown at exhibitions. The desire arose to provide a more permanent character for the collection to be made visible to a wider audience.

Years ago, Ron van Blokland started inventising everything drawn and designed in a period of 65 years and is stored in folders, boxes, attics and closets. He has organized, preserved, dated, photographed, retouched, described and digitized. An enormous task.

A contemporary way to show this all is through a website with the work of Rokus and Corry. (

Ron van Blokland has documented the designs and created the archive, both 3D and digital. Ron wrote the texts and made many of the photos.

Bart van Blokland programmed a framework with Python and CSS in such way that the site easily could be built into a folder structure. During the entire process he provided great technical support for the site and family.
The website of the Association Vereniging van Goudse Museumvrienden has recently been built according to Barts File System Site Builder (FSSB).

The Proforma used for text is designed by Petr van Blokland. The sites homepage and menus are designed by Erik van Blokland. He also designed the used font for the menus, the Action.

Proforma and Action

In addition to the published photos and texts on the site, other designs of Corry and Rokus are recorded in digital collections.
Interested parties may submit an application to gain access to these collections.

On the form and content of this site and any other manifestation of it, regardless of the medium by copyright and database rights.
For taking, storing and dissemination of (parts of) the content and use of the design, in any way, you must have prior written permission.