Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Wooden beads in bright transparent colours have been played with by generations of children. Beads have therefore always been an important part of the Sio collection.

Another reason that beads were important to Sio is that in the process of colouring the wood, Siolieten, it was necessary to combine large parts with smaller parts in large varnish drums. The small parts, often beads were put together with larger parts like Sio Montage blocks and slats in the same drum. During the rotation of the drums the smaller elements coloured the larger parts.

After the colouring, the parts were sorted and put in baskets to be processed later.

1955 Box holding large beads
1955 Box holding bags with beads
1958 Label Sioliet beads

The label was glued on top of the lid.

1958 Label Sioliet Beads
1958 Sioliet beads illustrations
1973 New beads
1964 Baskets with coloured parts

Various elements were dyed with each other. After dyeing everything was sorted again and put in baskets.

1964 Coloured beads in a crate
1973 Coloured beads
1966 Wooden beads in coloured carton packaging
1964 Possible types of beads
1975 Beads in plastic packaging with print
1976 Boxes with transparent covers

1976 Box with beads and medaillons

1976 Drawings of the medaillons

Corry's drawing of the rooster has for years been on de Kakelaar, the school magazine of the Anne de Vries School in Gouda.

1977 Design package of the beads

Printed carton on which a plastic window will be attached with the beads.

1977 Designs for new packages
1981 Beads and pyramids

Photo made for Sinterklaas magazine with Sio products.