Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

With the upcoming of television, new toys hit the market. Television series like 'Lone Ranger' brought playing dolls like cowboys and Indians but also horses.
For girls there were Barbie dolls and others like Sindy. They could also ride a horse.

For these groups Rokus and Corry designed a serie of Western / play stables. Later also shops, a blacksmith and a sheriff office with its own jail.

1976 Stable for horse

Stable with door and hooks to hang the riding equipment.

1976 Western stable for two horses
1976 Drawings sides of stables

All sides, inside and outside, are separate drawings.

1976 Drawing Sio City Hotel

Drawing for the background print of the Sio City Hotel.
Detail: 'Notice' signed with CVBM initials.

1976 Western Store

Western Store with counters and real swing doors.

1976 Western cabin

Western Cabin with doors and windows, furnished with bed, table and chair.

1976 Carson City

Carson City with a stable for the horse, a blacksmith, a Store and a real Jail.

1977 Dodge City

Large combination of stable, Store, Jail and Blacksmith.

1979 Design multiplex stable

Design for a multiplex stall, made out of a single plate.
Drawings for prints on the walls on the inside and outside.