Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Teddy Bears
Corry started making Teddy Bears in the 80's. She uses fair, traditional and sustainable materials like wool, leather, handmade glass eyes and mohair furs in various colors. The used techniques are traditional, used by factories such as Steiff and Hermann.

All the bears are different, more than a hundred, have a number, a story, are being photographed and drawn in her Book of Bears.

Photos: Ron van Blokland

2000 Springbear
1990 Bear

1990 Bear No. 31 Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

1990 Bear Westerduin
2003 Bear

Bear 'Indigo' nr 123 with bearmark

1987 Design Bearmark Erik van Blokland

The bears all get a leather sign, designed by Erik van Blokland, with the date of production and number.

Bear-in-progress (1)

Elements of the new bear are drawn on bearskin, cut and sewn together inside out.

Bear-in-progress (2)
Bear-in-progress (3)

Joints are equipped with wooden discs which are fastened with pins, allowing movement of the arms and legs.

Bear-in-progress (4)

The bear is stuffed with wood shavings, sometimes with a bear's voice and then sewn together. The nose and eyes finish the bear.

1999 Red, Jello and Bloe
1999 Red Jello and Bloe
2004 Beertrui and Thommy
2013 Cover and pages of booklet 'Kongen'

Booklet with photos and explanation about restauration of an old english bear by Corry.
Photos, text and design booklet by Ron van Blokland

2000 Bear 'Bestand'

The hands and feet are made of shammy leather. The left paw has a printed word.

2002 White bear
2005 Bear Marijn
2005 Bear Marijn

Description of Marijn in The Great Book of Bears

Since the early 80's Corry weekly teaches making bears to a group of enthusiastic Bears Mothers. Traditionally the year is closed with a Bearday where Bears, Bears Mothers and family have a nice Picknicktime together.

Especially for that day Corry writes a Bears Story, illustrates and makes the books in limited edition and gives them to Bears Mothers and family.

Cover bear book 2008
2014 Corry with bears
Cover Bearbook 2013