Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach
First side of the Bearbook Levi's 501

Levi's 501, Bear 147118
The first time the BearMother Bearfeast was held at the van Blokland-Mobach log Cabin in Ouddorp was in 1993. On the occasion Corry, close assisted by Rokus, wrote and produced a special Bear-booklet. She made all the drawings as well.
Then (nearly) every year a Log Cabin Bear Feast was held, where the Bearbook became tradition, alongside the singing, music and coziness of the Club Van BerenMoeders (Club of BearMothers) among each other. Every year there was a new Bearbook with a new story.

Bear 147118 is made from Rokus' Levi's 501 work trousers.
Bear Levi's 501 is the last joint project of Corry and Rokus.
Rokus died on July 19, 2018.

Rokus with Levi's throusers, working at his atelier.

Excerpt from the text
It was a strong pair of trousers that could not be damaged. Not just any pants, but real paint pants. When father Rokus began to paint colours on his colour bars, he put on his Levi's 501. All paint spatters were allowed to fall on his pants.

The 501 paint pants became older and older. Even so old, that the knees of father Rokus could be seen through his pants.
No worries, bear mother made beautiful stops on the holes. Holes gone for a while, until new holes came! That could not be longer! What now?

Father Rokus knew it:
He said: Make a bear out of it.
He was just looking for another pair of trousers in his trouser chest.

Bear Levi's 501 with Moving Colours

A video about Moving Colours on:

Excerpt from the text
They have the most beautiful fur. What a lot and what a colour! I see yellow and brown bears. With and without curls.
Curls??? A jeans bear has no curls, I can see that now. I am only 'blue jeans' they say! Also pretty nice!
A jeans bear has all the blue colours of the rainbow and they are all indigo (blue).

When I look up I see more colours. Beautiful colours on long paintings that can turn. Moving colours!
Orange, red and all colours blue. White, black and gray. What beautiful and what does it feel known in one way or another. . .