Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Designing for others
From the first years Rokus and Corry work together they have done very much unpaid, voluntary work for various agencies, foundations, associations or persons. This included designing logos, letterheads, brochures and advertisements. Or for example illustrations made for schools were used as plaque or sculpture on the roof.

Of both the NTKC and the Associations Vereniging van Goudse Museumvrienden they designed the 'face' of these associations for many years. Corry moreover has been for decades member of the board of the Association Vereniging van Goudse Museumvrienden.

In 2002 Corry received the volunteers Medal of the City of Gouda.

1959 Plaque 'De Ark' in Gouda

Photo: Ron van Blokland

1959 Animals 'De Ark'

Design with animals for metal object at De Ark school in Gouda. Left part

1959 Animals 'De Ark'

Right part

1965 De Kakelaar

Cover school magazine De Kakelaar of the Anne de Vriesschool in Gouda.

1982 De Brandaris

Logo and cover school magazine De Brandaris in Dronten.

1961 Snowwhite

Design fairy tale figures 'Snowwhite' for metal object at a school in Gouda.

1996 Kunst Kijken

Logo and brochures for course centre Kunst Kijken (Eye on Art) in Reeuwijk.