Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach


1958 Kom Mee Naar Buiten (Come outside)

The game Kom Mee Naar Buiten(Come Outside) has been created and designed for the NVV, a Dutch labour union. The game is a present for the union members to celebrate the opening of the new NVV centre 'Kupersoord', a holiday centre for the members.
120.000 games are made.

1958 Gameboard Kom Mee Naar Buiten Fiches

Depending on who you are in the game, certain traffic rules apply to you, or not.

1958 Gameboard Kom Mee Naar Buiten

The players make a trip by car, cycling or walking from the city to Kupersoord, holiday centre for NVV members. A journey full of surprises, where traffic rules play an important role.

1958 Play Cards

You've seen the Golden Oriole, you may roll again.

1959 Op Stap

Op stap (Going out) is a second game created and designed for the dutch labour union NVV.

1959 Op Stap

The game boards can be put together in different ways making the game always new. The players go to the sea, the beach or the forest where they find animals and plants.

1959 Huisje Boompje Beestje

The game Huisje Boompje Beestje (Cottage Tree Animal) is entirely created and designed by Corry and Rokus. It is meant to be for the smaller child. The dice has pictures instead of eyes. The game has been produced for decades in large numbers.

1970 Huisje Boompje Beestje

Until the 80's appearance changed a few times. After that the game's concept remained, without the input of the original creators and designers.

1970 Dice Huisje Boompje Beestje
1959 Huisje Boompje Beestje

Illustration with Game Rules.

1960 Game of the Goose with geese
1960 Gameboard
1957 Design Dutch version of Scrabble

Sio acquired the rights for the sale of Scrabble in the Netherlands. Corry and Rokus design the Dutch version for many years. They design the Dutch version of the travel scrabble and a great Scrabble Deluxe edition as well. Throughout the years the game has been given a new look a couple of times. From the mid 80s the game went to other publishers.

1957 Wheels for Scrabble board

Cross with wheels, designed by Rokus for the Scrabble board. It has been produced in very large numbers from the 50s, shown here with the packaging around 1968.

1958 Youth Scrabble

Youth Scrabble is an English game by Spear, Britain. Corry and Rokus made the design of the Dutch version with a contemporary look with lots of colour and drawings.

1958 Youth Scrabble Gameboard
1963 Ho!

Game about traffic.

1963 Ho! Gameboard

The turning circle creates new traffic situations.

1964 Ho! Drawing Corry
1964 Merry Cherry Gamerules
1964 Merry Cherry

Whoever collects the most cherries?

1964 Merry Cherry Gameboard

Pick the cherries before the birds eat them.

1960 Winkelen

Board game where shopping is central, long before it became a daily routine.

Game board

Who takes the shortest route and gets all the shopping first home?

1961 Cat and Mouse game
1961 Cat and Mouse game

The dice shows the colour that may be caught.

1963 Quicky Mouse
1963 Play board Quicky Mouse

The mice must try to go to the finish without being caught by the (magnetic) mousetrap.