Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

Creative games

1963 Modinet

Design and create your own clothes.

1963 Modinet design set

Firm sewing box for cool girls, with material for designing and making paper dolls clothes.

1963 Modinet Manual
1963 Modinet examples
1963 Medaillon

Make-game in which coloured forms can be glued together into patterns.

1957 Necklace

Create your own necklace with coloured beads and other materials.

1961 Spool Knitting

Design box

1961 Spool Knitting

Design larger box

1954 Embroider Pictures.

Design box

1954 Label Embroided Pictures
1961 Label 'Vrolijke Knopen'

Buttons can be sewn on different cards.

1961 'Vrolijke knopen'
1961 Cards for 'Vrolijke noten'