Rokus van Blokland
Corry van Blokland Mobach

1960 Cardgame Black Peter
The drawings are made ​​at twice its actual size, drawn in chalk and gouache. The black is drawn separately on transparent sheets, so that they could be reproduced in line. This technique made the black sharper without grid points. Printed at playing cards factory Mesmaekers in Turnhout, Belgium.

1962 Fairytale cardgame
Each quartet of a fairy tale has the same background colour, drawn with chalk and gouache. On all cards is a description of the image in three languages​​. The drawings were made in colour at two times the actual size. The black shape is separately drawn on transparent sheets.
The cards are printed in offset at playing cards factory Mesmakers in Turnhout, Belgium. The labels on the box were as well printed by Mesmaekers. The label was folded around the lid, printed on 'hammered' paper.

1962 Fairy tale Quartet printed sheet